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Charlotte is home for the summer in Oregon, where she lives with her white grandparents– but she’d rather be anywhere else.

Unproduced… holler at me!


CHARLOTTE: Female. Ed and Edna’s granddaughter, 19. Just finished freshman year of college. Biracial African-American/Caucasian.
EDNA: Female. Grandmother. 75. Lives in Oregon. Two kids, Abraham and Jolene, grown. One grandchild, Charlotte. Caucasian.
EDWARD: Male. Grandfather, Edna’s husband. It’s his 87th birthday today. Father of Abraham and Jolene, grandfather to Charlotte. Caucasian.
JOLENE: Female. Ed and Edna’s daughter, Charlotte’s mom. 39. Musician. Caucasian.
PEDRO: Male. Charlotte’s friend. 19. Edna’s neighbor and Charlotte’s friend. Mexican-American.