God Dwells in You A poem from my writing auction, for Heather Heather, God likes your smile. God sees your smile and he smiles to himself, he thinks, Dang. That’s some of my best work.    Heather, God dwells in you. Even in your pinky toes.

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I’ve often wondered if God came to me as He did to Solomon and offered me one virtue in which I could excel, what would I pick? I don’t particularly want to be wise and have all the answers– I already think I do as it is! I would like to say humility, but I’m not humble enough to pick humility as my virtue. 

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Life, TheatreKathleen Jones

1 2 3 4 My good friend Caitlin McWethy and I have been doing plays together since freshman year of college, when she cast me as an uptight male lawyer on trial for sexual harassment (Surprisingly I had it in me, even though I was a skinny 18 year old freshman girl– the casting pool was tight). 

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