Written in 2016

  • Full length plays: 0.5

  • One Act Plays: 1

  • Ten Minute Plays: 4 (I think…)

  • Poems: A handful

  • Short Stories: 1

  • Screenplays: 2-3

Produced in 2016


  • Theatre: Ensemble in A Haunting 

  • Film: Extra work


My biggest writing accomplishment in 2016 is Pregnant Pause. I am so proud of my work on the script and with how it’s taking off from United Solo. Amie is fantastic in it, and a great partner. What a great way to start my career in New York.

My biggest acting accomplishment was A Haunting. I tried to take a break from acting to focus on writing but I just missed it too much. I couldn’t let a year go by without performing! I’ve performed onstage at least once a year since I was four. Wasn’t about to break the streak, and had the chance to jump in to the ensemble of my great friend Mark Hairston’s Columbia MFA play.

I think I let my short pieces overrun my full-length writing time. So my dear full-length play got close to finished this year, but kept getting second-fiddled to Pregnant Pause or Wholly Broken. It was easier to focus on PP and WB because they had productions in the works. I need to trick myself into productions to get the writing done!

I learned that I get the best writing done at a consistent pace of one hour a day. Best is two hours, but I can’t do more than two. Flannery O’Connor only wrote two hours a day too, which is encouraging. In 2017, I’m committing to an hour a day, five days a week. I like to spend the weekends submitting and reading.

2017 Writing Goals

  • Write an hour a day, 5 days a week. 15-30 minutes if I’m day-jobbing more than ten hours (hello, #nannylife).

  • Finish two full-length plays.

  • Submit for 2-3 opportunities a week.

  • Take full advantage of working at New Dramatists (i.e., Make friends. Read their whole library.)

2017 Acting Goals

  • Take an acting class (I’m saving up for one now. Hello, #nannylife!)

  • Act in a play.

  • Act in a film.